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Why Dabble with us?

We are here for a long time, and a good time!

Nothing you don’t want

We take a lot of pride in our gins and use only the best ingredients so we don’t need to add flavours, colours, sweeteners or sugars. Isn’t that awesome? We think you should know exactly what's in your drink, so if it's not on the bottle, it's not in the bottle. Nature gave us all the flavours and colours we need!  That’s why we only use natural ingredients sourced in New Zealand and abroad, for a gin that tastes good, looks good and makes you feel good.

Naturally infused

Naturally infused, flavoured gin - just as it should be. We use a natural process of infusing fruits and other ingredients into our base gin to get maximum flavour and vibrant colour, without any of the nasties! This way, when you have a Dabblers, you can taste every bit of nature's deliciousness. 


We don’t want to be boring, stiff or fancy. We like unique, fun and adventurous. So, we are here, to give your glass (cup, mug, mouth) a bit of extra excitement. Gin with lashings of raspberries, the freshest, zestiest limes, packed with more rhubarb than your grandmother's crumble and oranges so juicy you need a tea towel wipe down afterwards.
Leave boring drinks for the office, not the weekend!

Made in NZ

Dabblers gin was born in the Bay of Plenty in beautiful Aotearoa. For a naturally infused gin that's packed full of fruits, we think it's a pretty great place to be. With access to great produce and a perfect gin drinking climate, we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

Stock us!

If you would like to stock our range at a venue or in your store, we would love to hear from you. We are an independent distillery and always looking for new horizons.


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